The world is my oyster…. Not that I like Oysters.

October 21st, 2013

Hey peeps, happy Monday to ya.  I can only hope your weekend was as awesome as mine was.    Got to spend it in my #2 favorite city (I have lots of ties for 3rd), aka Music City, aka Nashville Tennessee.  I seriously love this town more than words can say.  And this weekend gave me many more reasons to love it more.  I met so many great people, got to see some of my favorite Nashville natives, and of course see my wonderful Wizard World family.


Here are a couple of fun photos from this weekend:



So lucky I get to hang with all the cute boys :)

You can see more fun pics on my Insatgram page here:  you should totally follow me,  just sayin’.

We have a little downtime for the next 2 weekes, then we are off to Atlanta for the biggest convention for fans of The Walking Dead you can ever imagine.  Check out more on the Walker Stalker site here:

So, the next two weeks I want to focus on somethings around the house like getting my living room painted, which I have been wanting to do since July LOL, let’s see if it happens ;0).  We have a date with the kiddos to carve pumpkins next weekend and I am pretty darn excited about it!!  And I have been obsessed with Yoga lately, so there will be lots of that going on as well. And I REALLY want to get caught up on Doctor Who at least close to the time the 50th anniversary episode comes out.  Right now I am on season 5 of the newer series.  My favorite doctor is still Tennant, but I think my favorite companion has changed from Rose to Amy Pond :)   Oods scare the crap out of me, but I have a soft spot for the Dalkes, I think they are just misunderstood.

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That should about sum up my Monday for ya.  Off to do some yoga and then off to run some errands

Much Love



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