The Awkward Prom series…

March 23rd, 2015

Those that don’t know, I have a really REALLY cool job. I travel around the country with my family and friends and take photos of various celebrities and their fans. One of my favorite perks of this job is 1) i get to meet some really cool people, and two I get a photo op here and there as well and I post it on the instagram. I have done the awkward prom pose a few times over the last few years with some of these great people (click on the pics to make them full size):



The always Dapper Bruce Campbell



Roman made it a little awkward and made me be the guy ;)



This one is just awkward because of the sheer excitement on my face.



And the freakin’ undertaker!!


But a few weeks back I told Corey Feldman I wanted to do and Awkward prom photo with him, and it so began.





Then the past two weekends I have been absolutely obsessed with it



Her’s mine and Sean Gunn’s stab at it.



John Schneider had a blast with it.


Mark Boone Jr made his an action shot!


Ryan Hurst was a Pro!


This one will always be my favorite



And Josh McDermitt Nailed it, hover hands and all!!

And last but certainly not least we have myself with the amazin’ Jason Mewes, man bun and all :D




A huge thanks for all these guys being such good ports about it!

I am hoping to continue this party, and if it happens you will see it here!!


Go be amazing kids!!




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