May 27th, 2014

Well, I know you’ve been sitting on the edge if your seat awaiting pictures of my redecorating project *. So here ya go:


It’s still not completely done, but I’m excited as to how it’s coming along.

Another big deal around these parts is the twins are graduating High School this weekend. My oh my where has the time gone?? I am not quite going through empty nest syndrome yet, but it’s bound to happen sooner or later. Needless to say, when it does, I won’t bore you with the details, maybe…..


hope your Holiday weekend was awesome if you’re here in the US. And enjoy your short work week. The CPO crew is off to Atlanta this weekend for the AMAZIN’ Wizard World Atlanta show. If you’re out that way, stop by the show and check in.

Have an awesome day of being amazing!!


*denotes sarcasm

Dearly beloved, we have gathered here today To get through this thing called life …

May 20th, 2014

Happy Tuesday morning to ya folks.  I hope this finds you well and in great spirits.  Mark me down as a yes on both counts.  Life has been pretty swell lately, *knock wood* the weather is amazing, my family ROCKS, I have a new grand Kitty :)



I think I’ve gotten to the point in my life where I’ve just decided to be happy.  I used to stress and freak out about the stupidest and most ridiculous things (and yeah I do still slip up once in a while) but I was so over being miserable.  The only person who can really truly make you happy is you.  So I just made the conscious decision to look at things differently, and it worked.  I adore my job, my hobbies (www.oddityfiles.com & www.GetScared.TV) are totally awesome, my kids while are still kids and still set me off from time to time, are amazing human beings.  And I honestly couldn’t be more proud.

Speaking of stuff I’m proud of, have you seen the latest episode of Oddity Files?






Well be grateful my friends, even if it’s only for the small things right now. Just be grateful




My life has been so, errrmm so, uhhh so, boring lately.

May 9th, 2014

Hey gang, just a quick check in.  Life has been pretty normal lately.  Except for a couple awesome trips for work, Chris and I have been on a clean out and organize kick.  We’ve cleaned out areas in our house that the TV show Hoarders would possibly cringe at.  Stuff we’ve been meaning to do for YEARS.  We’re finally doing it.  I’m not really sure what has been the big motivator, but I am so happy it’s happening.


The most exciting thing in my life is my living room is getting repainted.  After 11 years of what I call Harvest gold in my living room/foyer/kitchen I am shaking things up and adding some drama (no not the annoying kind, the pretty kind) to the rooms.  I can’t wait to show you the finished product :)



Which in turn has had me on a redecorating kick.  Which I haven’t done in YEARS.  Chris and I got the couches for the living room last summer, and I’ve been trying to decide ever since what else I want to change.  And the day has finally come w00t!! Let’s hope I’m able to pull it off how I envision it in my head hahahaha.

So yeah, my life has been exciting for me, but certainly not something to blog about. Unless you’re into this kind of thing. But even if you’re not into redecorating, prepare yourself for a ton of “after” pics :) coming soon.



Hello from the Twin Cities!

May 2nd, 2014

Hey howdy kids, hope this finds you well. It’s a balmy 30 something degrees. And I think Minnesota is now officially a part of Canada LOL.

So a couple noteworthy things going on with me right now. A movie I did a couple of summers ago is getting national recognition. It’s available on a pay per view basis almost everywhere right now, it’s called Proxy and is NOT for the faint hearted. But if you love psychological thrillers, this is the flick for you. I play the support victim, and if you blink you might miss me LOL. But definitely check the film out.

Also another Oddity Files has been released. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can here:

You can also view it on GetScaredTV on all Roku devices. This one really got to me, here’s a little sneak peek if u wanna check this out:

I am beyond ready to enjoy another Wizard World Comic Con with some amazing people. If you’re up here in Minnesota, come by and check it out!!


Be amazing my friends, be amazing!!


I saw the milk jug with my photo on it, who’s the wise

April 23rd, 2014

I totally kidding, but it has been a hot minute since my last blog post. March and the beginning of April were brutal on the job front. We have had 3 weeks off, and it has been a HUGE game of catch up with everything from household stuff, to mom stuff to paranormal investigator stuff, to producer stuff to Editor stuff. But as I’m just about caught up we leave tomorrow for New Jersey. We’re headed off to Chiller Theatre. We’ll be doing photo ops for some pretty awesome peeps. And the following week most of the crew is off to Wizard World Minneapolis.

Super stoked I was able to get an episode of Oddity Files edited and ready for release tomorrow. You’ll be able to view it on Roku on the GetScared TV channel, and online and mobile at www.GetScared.TV

We did some major spring cleaning over the last few days. My garbage man is going to hate me!! We also had a wonderful Easter. Next step get some yard work done and have the pool fixed.

So what have you been up to?! Hopefully enjoying this AWESOME weather.

Hoping to write a blog entry in the next couple of days for www.OddityFiles.com about my CRAZY experience at The Old Lake County Jail (the new episode of Oddity Files). So check that site soon.

Be amazing!!





Happy Monday folks!!

April 7th, 2014

Well hello there my friends, I sit here in my office with a few moments to spare (and damn it feels good) so I thought I would go ahead and write a blog post.  I’m unwinding from what was an INSANE month for the company, but this crazy was the good kind.  Over the last 5 weeks we (Celeb Photo Ops) have been to California, Tennessee, Ohio, Florida, Kentucky, and Missouri.  And our next stop in 2 weeks, New Jersey.  March is notoriously insane in our business, and I am so proud of our crew and family.  Everyone worked their tushies off and I couldn’t be more proud of them all.  But I tell you what, I sure could use a vacation now LOL.  Hmmmmm, better start working on that now :)

One thing about working so hard and so much is my list of things to do around the house firstly, hasn’t gotten any smaller and secondly, has seems to have grown :)   One thing I have always said I’ve lacked in my life was and Alice.  Not Alice in Wonderland, but Alice from The Brady Bunch.  Even now that the kids are grown I still want an Alice ;)


So, I am officially taking applications for an Alice ;)   But I want you to wear the blue cotton dress with the white apron over top, dating a butcher is mandatory,  must love dogs, be able to handle situations like washing machines over flowing with bubbles, kids and adults playing ball in the house, and again do whatever it takes to get a discount with the local butcher ;)   Apply within.

Not only do I have so much to catch up on around the house, but I have some catching up to do with Oddity Files and GetScared.TV as well.  Sooooooooo what am I doing here typing up this nonsense about wanting a maid who dates a local butcher??

I guess that’s my queue, until next time kiddos!


Be Outstanding!







This weekend I’m going to see The Doctor..

March 27th, 2014

Sitting here in my Oregon Beavers Hoodie and Tardis leggings, drinking my morning cup O Joe from a New Orleans Coffee cup, I prepare to leave yet again for another comic con in another city.  This time it’s Louisville.  And it’s going to be awesome.  This is the Month of 5 shows in as many weeks., and we are in the home stretch.

Last weekend we had crews in both Orlando and Ohio, and the previous week we took a staff vacation for a few Day at a cabin in Gatlinburg TN.  Chris and I got home LATE Monday, and we leave again this afternoon around 3.  Fortunately this drive is only about 2 1/2 hours.  And we are sooooooo looking forward to the first ever Wizard World Comic Con in Louisville, KY.  With this guest list, I can’t imagine it being anything other than mind blowing in the best way possible.  Check out more about hit here:   http://www.wizardworld.com/home-louisville.html


I figured I would share some awesome vacation pics with you from Gatlinburg, and some fun shots from MegaCon as well:
























And this weekend it’s all about The Doctor and the Girl who waited for this whovian.  Both Matt Smith and Karen Gillan will be there.  So head on over to the Biggest thing to hit Louisville since KFC, Wizard World will rock your socks!!


Be fantastic friends!!


Another one on the books

March 11th, 2014

Well, today I’m writing from the plane. We wrapped Wizard World Sacramento Comic Con yesterday. A first year show and WOW what a show it was. We have worked at a lot of different shows over the years. And while I love them all. My con family is Wizard World. While granted, they are the people we see the most, more than my actual blood family. But I just adore them. I LOVE the company. They are so FAN friendly. We have learned so much with them and grown so much with them as well. I just want to give them props from top to bottom. I don’t know many others that can do it like they do :) . This weekend was a first year show that was SOLD OUT!! And Wizard ROCKED it. I am so proud of those folks.

Now that all my bragging is done, I had an amazing time is Sacramento. I was here when I was so little I don’t even remember it. So it was like it was the first time. The city (what we got to see of it) was stunning. And spring was in full bloom, which made it even more amazing. I can’t wait to go back next June for the next comic con. Below is my virtual slide show of my trip to Sacramento California.

This week we get back home for a few days, then we have Spring break. WOOT WOOT. Does anyone know any haunted locations we could possibly hit up in Gatlinburg, TN?

After that half our crew is off to Cincinatti and the other half to Orlando, FL. The following weekend will be St. Louis. And the weekend after that is Louisville. It’s about to get pretty cra cra up in here. Fortunately we get to drive to all the other locations. While flying is faster, I am over all the over priced, over sold, uncomfortable flights, and the look of the inside of the airport. I’ll take truck stops and scenery over it any day :)















Make today spectacular folks,



PS Check out www.GetScared.TV NOW!!!

So I’ve been on this yoga kick……

March 3rd, 2014

LOL, it’s more like a complete lifestyle change as a matter of fact.  This past summer i started doing yoga due to severe back pain.  My go to work out had always been walking on the treadmill, but due to this back pain I couldn’t even do that anymore.  After quitting smoking I gained the proverbial 10 pounds and needed a way to work out, so I gave Yoga a try, and I am now completely obsessed.  And it is one of the healthiest obsessions I’ve ever been a part of.  It’s the only kind of workout where you are competing against yourself to do better than you did the day before.  Granted it’s not a cardio work out by any means, and I can’t say I’ve lost ANY weight, but I feel so much better 90% of the time and I have gained any.

I try to do between 10-30 minutes a day, I’ve since tried adding some cardio into the process and it still hurts.  But in the process of feeling better, I’m in a better mood (90% of the time :D ) I see things differently, I have more energy, and I get more done.  You may roll your eyes, when you see me posting my Yoga selfies, but they work for me :)   And they keep me motivated.  And I hope in turn I can motivate a couple of people in the process.


Without further ado…….  Yoga Selfies:







So give it a shot….. Start something today that will make you a better person!

Be Awesome!!


Just waiting for snowmageddeon ’14 round three or is it 4

March 2nd, 2014

Here we go again, apparently around midnight the headband are supposed to bless us with multiple inches of snow again. No one apparently know just exactly how much or what (snow or ice) we are supposed to get, here’s a sampling if what I found in Facebook alone.




So You can see my confusion. Props to WISH-TV 8 in Indianapolis for not feeding into the The fruits of my labor….. GetScaredTV is now available at www.getscared.tv AND on Roku!! Cancel your plans for the evening and check it out online!! Facebook hype that I could find.

No matter what we get it will be too much for this gal. I am sooooooo ready for spring. So March gett your bootie in here like a lion quickly and being us some warm temps and start acting like a lamb a little early. I think we’ve earned it